Parkrose Colts Youth Football adds another city championship to the trophy case. Congratulations to the entire Parkrose Colts cummunity.

We strive at teaching the young men in Parkrose how to hit hard, in a football way, and how to tackle and block. Teaching, practicing and playing football, our coaches turn boys into little men. They teach these boys patience, discipline, and work them hard. But, the adults make certain the kids have fun. If they don’t, the players don’t turn out.

Where: Leadership, Dedication, Commitment, & Team Work Begins

2008 P.A.L Award Winner
2008 P.A.L 3rd/4th Grade City Champions
2010 P.A.L 5th/6th Grade City Champions
2012 P.A.L 7th/8th Grade City Champions
2015 PYFC 3rd/th Grade City Champions
Established in 1986 - 30 Years In The Game

Parkrose Colts Youth Football
10233 N.E. Clackamas Street
Portland, OR 97220